Polypipe Home Solutions: a stylish solution to sustainable living


With the rising cost of energy bills more and more homeowners and renovators are looking for ways to make savings. With this change in consumer behaviour eco-friendly products are becoming a popular choice.

Polypipe Home Solutions, from the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems is a new initiative which combines contemporary products that offer homeowners comfort, efficiency and sustainability.

Polypipe Home Solutions brings together proven technologies with systems for Underfloor Heating, Heat Recovery Ventilation and Rainwater Harvesting and mark the way for eco-friendly living.

In launching Home Solutions Polypipe understands that home owners are looking for more cost effective ways to run their homes, without compromising on their standard of living. The Home Solutions range can ensure comfort, efficiency and sustainability within the home. Martin Dootson, Polypipe Home Solutions marketing manager comments: “We have been working to help homeowners create more sustainable ways of living, using the environment and naturally generated sources within our homes to provide heat and water that can be used again.

“Our installers work with homeowners on an individual level to ensure they are getting the most efficient package for their home and it’s our continued aim to make sure homeowners are making savings and increasing their eco-friendly status. It’s a sign of things to come as more and more people decide to adopt a sustainable way of living, and we welcome queries to our design service, where those planning a development can obtain practical advice and budget costing.”

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