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Flexseal, the UK's leading coupling manufacturer, is now distributing the Floodbreaker range of flood defence products which offers comprehensive protection for domestic properties.

The threat of flooding in the UK is significant, with over 5.5 million properties classed as at risk, according to assessments across the country by Government bodies. Those same reports are clear that, with climate change and further urban development, the situation is only likely to worsen. Despite Government investment in improving and extending flood defences, they also acknowledge that there will always be a need for protection at property level.

"With the Floodbreaker range, we've put together a package of products that will help homeowners to protect their properties from the devastating consequences of a flood event," explained Glenn Cartledge, Flexseal's Commercial Manager. "This range covers flood defence in several different ways, whilst being practical and affordable. Installing such measures also helps homeowners to gain flood insurance or to lower their premiums."

The products in Flexseal's Floodbreaker range all offer flood resistance measures, keeping floodwater out of the property. Flood resilience measures, such as moving valuables higher, reduce damage once water ingress has occurred and are recommended along with resistance measures by organisations such as the National Flood Forum and Flood Protection Association.

"Flood resistance measures are often sufficient to ensure no interior damage to a property. However, during a significant flood event, some water may still enter the property. In those situations, flood resistance measures can buy homeowners valuable time to take further protective action," Glenn commented.


Floodbreaker range: The Floodbreaker range includes products for comprehensive resistance to floodwater

The Floodbreaker range includes:

An easily-fitted door barrier. The barrier prevents water entering via gaps in the frame whilst allowing the homeowner to open the door during flooding. The Floodbreaker barrier requires minimal changes to the property, with only small, unobtrusive holes visible while the flood barrier is in storage. It is easy to fit into place if a flood event is anticipated. The barrier is BSI Kitemarked, manufactured to the height specified by Defra and the Environment Agency and available in a range of widths. Full installation instructions are included with each product.

Intelligent air brick. A 'fit and forget' solution, a smart air brick functions as a standard air brick in normal circumstances, yet its internal mechanism swiftly blocks the ventilation holes on contact with flood water. Air bricks are essential for ventilation in older properties; however a single unprotected air brick can allow 50,000 litres of water into a property in an hour.

Non-return valves, especially designed for simple retro-fitting. Non-return valves can prevent sewage water being forced back up into a property during a flood, while allowing normal operation to continue at all other times. The simple push-fit design of the Floodbreaker valves ensures easy installation into a property's existing drainage system in minutes, by fitting into the nearest manhole. They are available in 110mm and 160mm and are supplied with full installation instructions.

StoneGuard, a protective coating for brick and stonework. During a significant flood event, water seeps through the porous masonry as well as the mortar or grouting. StoneGuard is an easily-applied, clear and colourless protective layer, stopping water ingress, while allowing water vapour to exit, so that the property can still 'breathe'. Independent tests verify both attributes and confirm that two coats is sufficient to protect up to 8 bar, or an 80m head of water, from penetrating the brick- or stonework. The coating is water based and is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.

The Floodbreaker range is available through builders' merchants. Please see or contact Flexseal on 01226 340222 for further information.



Floodbreaker Barrier: The range includes a barrier that easily fits in front of doors when a flood event is anticipated, to hold back the encroaching water and stop it flowing through gaps in the frame.


Established in 1988 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Flexseal leads the UK market in the design, manufacture and assembly of flexible couplings for the repair of sewer and drainage pipes. Following considerable growth in the late 1990's across domestic and international markets, the company acquired a new state of the art purpose built production facility in Wombwell, Barnsley. Acquired by the US Fernco group of companies in 2004, Flexseal is today part of a global group that supplies the most comprehensive range of flexible couplings in the world. Today, the Flexseal brand is synonymous with the highest quality products and services available throughout the industry, with all products being manufactured and tested to consistently meet UK and International approvals. Flexseal is sister company to Source One Environmental, formerly known as Fernco Environmental, a global leader providing innovative technologies for the infrastructure rehabilitation and water management markets.


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