Heat Pumps


Generating your own heat doesn’t require acres of outdoor space and a limitless budget

Put simply, heat pumps transfer latent heat from water, ground or the air to your home’s heating system. In the first two cases heat is absorbed via pipes in the ground or in nearby areas of water, such as a lake, and transferred to your home via heat exchangers. Air-source heat pumps require no elaborate system of pipes in the garden: the whole thing can be kept in a box on an outside wall, or part outside, part inside.

Get your home super insulated, then see if there’s any cash left. Just don’t get excited about grants!

Useful Contacts

Nu Heat: www.nu-heat.co.uk
Energy Saving Trust:
Low Carbon Buildings Programme: www.lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk
National Energy Foundation:www.nef.org.uk
The Heat Pump Association: www.heatpumps.org.uk
The Heat Pump Centre: www.heatpumpcentre.org
Heat Pump Network: www.heatpumpnet.org.uk


Words: Dominic Murphy Images: Chris Tubbs and Sean Myers

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