Cavity Wall Insulation


Insulating your home can save you money as well as large amounts of heat, and it’s easy to do

We never thought we would say this, but those annoying flyers that pop through the letterbox can sometimes be quite useful. One of the ones you’ll see a lot of at the moment is offers from energy companies to insulate your home, specifically your loft and cavity wall.

Many modern houses built between 1920 and 1990 were built with two ‘skins’ of brick with a gap, or cavity, between them. In new homes, building regulations require this gap to be insulated, but in homes prior to 1990, the chances are they have no insulation. This is easily remedied by drilling a small hole on the outside skin and ‘injecting’ insulation material into the gaps.


  • Up to one third of your heating is lost through the walls of your home, so there is a huge financial incentive to get this sorted.

  • It’s not exactly expensive either (around £250 for a three-bed semi, and free for those receiving income support).

  • You’ll have no trouble finding someone to do it.


  • None, unless you enjoy throwing money away on heating.

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Words:Dominic Murphy  Image: The Energy Saving Trust

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