External Insulation


Not only can it improve the look of your exterior, but insulating the outside makes the inside warmer, too

This is definitely one to consider when the outside of your home is looking a little shabby. Basically, it involves wrapping the entire building in insulation, then adding a render on top. Don’t always rely on estimates,
budget for unforseen problems.


  • A good way to sure up the decaying fabric of the building, not only weatherproofing it but making it much more thermally efficient: up to 35 per cent of heat is lost through walls.


  • Aesthetically, it could  be a problem if there are a number of houses nearby with a similar look.

  • The Energy Saving Trust estimates costs from £1,900 to £4,500 for a semi.

Useful Contacts

Insulated Render and Cladding Association: www.inca-ltd.org.uk
Energy Saving Trust: www.energysavingtrust.org.uk
Sto: www.sto.co.uk
Termok8: www.termok8.com

Words: Dominic Murphy  Image: Sto Ltd

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