Fees – Self-build

Fees will take up a substantial part of your budget, so make sure you take them into consideration at the planning stages

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Legal fees

There is no standard fee, so it's worth shopping around to get the best rate, but they generally cost in the region of £500-1,000. Some solicitors charge a percentage of the property price, usually up to 1 per cent, while others charge a flat rate. This fee also take into account thing like the amount of paperwork involved and how long the transaction takes.

You will be liable for legal work carried out by your lender's solicitor, so find out how much they charge. It may be cheaper to use the lender's solicitor to do your conveyancing, but always check other firms Again, prices vary so ask your lender how much they charge. If you use the same solicitor as the lender to do your conveyancing this may save you money, but compare charges with other firms.

Stamp Duty

Property and plot purchases are taxed in relation to their sale price.

Rate of Stamp Duty Land TaxProperty or Plot Purchase Price
0% Up to £125,000
2% £125,001 - £250,000
5% £250,001 - £925,000
10% £925,001 - 1.5 million
12% 1.5 million + more

Ground Site Survey

It's advisable to have an independent survey of your own carried out. A typographical site survey carried out by an architect or surveyor will cost in the region of £400-600.

Design fees

Architects charge up to 15 per cent of the total build cost for a full service that includes design, tender and contract administration. Expect to pay anything up to £4,000 for other designers to simply provide planning drawings and a similar amount for Building Regulations drawing.

Planning Application fees

Typically submitting an application will cost in the region of £200-300.

Demolition costs

Typically this will cost between £5,000-10,000.

Structural Engineer's fees

Expect to pay up to £500.


A warranty will cost about one and a half per cent of your total build cost.

Self-build Insurance

All-risk insurance will cost between £500-800.


Connection to mains services like gas, electricity and water will cost up to £6,000. You can sometimes cut these costs by digging your own trenches, so mention this to the service providers when they are putting together a quote.

External Works

These will set you back about 15 per cent of your total build cost.

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