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With the rising cost of energy bills more and more homeowners and renovators are looking for ways to make savings. With this change in consumer behaviour eco-friendly products are becoming a popular choice.

Polypipe Home Solutions, from the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems is a new initiative which combines contemporary products that offer homeowners comfort, efficiency and sustainability.

Polypipe Home Solutions bring together proven technologies with systems for Underfloor Heating, Heat Recovery Ventilation and Rainwater Harvesting and mark the way for eco-friendly living.

Polypipe Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has become increasingly accessible and is now an affordable way of heating a home, whilst being environmentally friendly at the same time. Not only adding value to a property, it can help to create a calming and tranquil environment, and is fast becoming an option for eco-savvy homeowners and renovators.

Unlike radiator-based systems, underfloor heating ensures an even dispersion of heat across an entire room, with no cold spots or draughts. Family friendly and with no unsightly radiators it’s aesthetically pleasing and a system can be tailor made for any home.

Polypipe is a leader in the market and has made underfloor heating accessible to everyone with a variety of options available. The systems can also be integrated with existing heat sources, including renewable sources.

Polypipe Heat Recovery Ventilation

Most of us enjoy taking a long warm shower or relaxing in a bath to ease the stresses and strains of the day. Running a shower and the bath generates moisture, with the average bathroom containing over 600 watts of heat energy. The Polypipe Home Solutions system turns the heat energy in some rooms of the home into heat that can be used across the rest of the house.

It’s a simple process and one that saves money and reduces carbon emissions. Modern buildings lose 25% of heat due to uncontrolled ventilation and air leakage. The Polypipe Heat Recovery system simply warms fresh air drawn into the building with the heat produced from waste stale air in the house. It uses an efficient counter-flow heat exchanger to get rid of the stale air and reduces the need for heating, thus reducing heating bills.

Heat recovery ventilation systems enable homeowners to have fresher, better quality air, greater climate control and improved energy efficiency. As much as 92% of heat energy can be recovered, saving on the energy required for heating a home and reducing household energy bills. During warmer months a by-pass feature on the heat exchanger can be used to ensure that only cool air is supplied into the home.

Carrying an Energy Savings Trust Best Practice compliant certificate, Polypipe Heat Recovery Ventilation and can help people to achieve higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes and the best energy rating levels.

Polypipe Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is one of the world’s most natural resources and using rainwater to fuel water-based appliances can reduce mains water consumption by up to 50%, lowering water bills and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

Polypipe has almost 10 years of experience in Rainwater Harvesting and has developed new systems specifically for the domestic market.

The highest consumption of water in a home is flushing a toilet; using rainwater for this purpose can reduce mains water consumption by up to 30% and with a mains water backup incorporated in the system there is no need to worry about the levels of rainfall.

Useful for the weekly washing cycle, washing the car and watering the garden, Rainwater Harvesting is effective and offers cost savings, meaning homeowners may actually welcome the odd rain shower!

In launching Home Solutions Polypipe understands that home owners are looking for more cost effective ways to run their homes, without compromising on their standard of living. The home solutions range can ensure comfort, efficiency and sustainability within the home.

Martin Dootson, Polypipe Home Solutions marketing manager comments: “We have been working to help homeowners create more sustainable ways of living, using the environment and naturally generated sources within our homes to provide heat and water that can be used again.

“Our installers work with homeowners on an individual level to ensure they are getting the most efficient package for their home and it’s our continued aim to make sure homeowners are making savings and increasing their eco-friendly status. It’s a sign of things to come as more and more people decide to adopt a sustainable way of living, and we welcome queries to our design service, where those planning a development can obtain practical advice and budget costing.”

For more information visit www.homesolutions.polypipe.com or call 07109 770 000

Polypipe Home Solutions is a service offering of Polypipe Building Products, a trading division of Polypipe Limited. Polypipe Underfloor Heating, Heat Recovery Ventilation and Rainwater Harvesting have been designed to provide comfort, efficiency and sustainability to homeowners and renovators. All products use leading edge technologies and meet contemporary living aspirations.

Polypipe employs over 2000 employees across UK, Europe and the Middle East and operates over 17 manufacturing and operational sites. Polypipe has the widest product range available in the market sector and is leading the way in embracing new materials, new ways of working and developing new products to meet the needs of customers and consumers.

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