Free guide explains benefits of cast stone for self-builders


Procter Cast Stone has published ‘The Self-Builder's Guide to Cast Stone’ to give self-builders a better understanding of the possibilities offered by cast stone. This free guide, which is available from the ‘Downloads’ section at, explains the options for standard products or bespoke designs, and highlights the design freedom available to architects. Throughout the guide there are colour photographs of residential applications, and the website has an animated ‘Demonstration’ that shows how cast stone can transform a property’s appearance.

1 caststoneCast stone is a remarkably versatile construction material that is suitable for all types of self-build project, including new-builds, extensions, renovations, refurbishments and conversions. While cast stone is often associated with traditional designs, it is equally appropriate for adding striking details to contemporary properties. Furthermore, cast stone complements brick-faced, rendered blockwork and rendered timber-framed properties. Cast stone delivers maximum impact for minimal cost and effort, as well as benefiting from reliable deliveries and being easy to design and install.

Manufacturers such as Procter Cast Stone offer extensive ranges of standard products that can be delivered from stock or manufactured to order in a variety of standard or customer-specified colours. Products include columns, heads, keystones, door surrounds, window surrounds, heads, cills, bays, bullseyes, gables, gable vents, balustrades, canopies, porticos, arches, cornices, steps, string courses, ashlar, copings, pier caps, spheres, corbels, and name and date stones. However, one of the advantages of cast stone is that almost any three-dimensional form can be produced. While one-off units are an economical alternative to quarried stone, costs can be reduced still further when multiple units are cast from the same mould.

Cast stone is manufactured in a factory environment rather than being quarried and dressed/carved, so reliable deliveries can be assured. Moreover, if there are delays to the build programme, Procter Cast Stone can reschedule deliveries to avoid the cast stone units being stored on site and remaining at risk of accidental damage.

The guide describes the cast stone manufacturing process and explains how this ensures reliable deliveries. Information about British Standards and Eurocodes is also presented, together with a list of sources of further advice. Tips on design, site handling and installation are provided, though readers are encouraged to contact Procter Cast Stone for more in-depth advice on these matters, all of which is available free of charge.

‘The Self-Builder's Guide to Cast Stone’ is available free from the Downloads section of the website at or request a copy by telephoning 0113 286 3329 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2 caststone‘The Self-Builder's Guide to Cast Stone’ is a free guide from Procter Cast Stone. Clockwise from top-left: free guide; door and window surrounds; portico; and ornate entrance.

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