Heating & ventilation


Solid wall insulation – Greengauge...

A significant proportion of the houses in the UK were constructed before 1920. If this applies to your house, it’s likely that it’s of a solid...Read More

Underfloor heating

Heat your house, keep your toes toasty, and save money on your energy bills into the bargain. Our guide to underfloor heating tells you all you need to...Read More

Radiator materials

Radiators come in virtually any material According to Doug Siera, managing director of Radiating Style, trends are changing. ‘Steel radiators still...Read More

Radiators - Size Matters

It’s crucial to find a radiator that’s the right size for the room you’re trying to heat Radiator styles often come in a range of sizes, so you’ll be...Read More


Stoves are a great choice because you can put them in any room and they're more energy efficient than open fires Stoves are more efficient than 
open...Read More


The fuel type you use will affect how much your fire will cost to run and the level of emissions released It’s difficult to make comparisons between...Read More

Fires - Materials

The type of materials you choose will dictate the style of the room Think carefully about the materials you want to use, for the mantel, hearth and...Read More

Fires - Design Ideas

A well designed fireplace can be a focal point for the whole room To make something truly individual, a bespoke fireplace is best achieved with the...Read More

Gas Fires

Gas fires are extremely energy efficient because they can be switched off at the touch of a button 'One click and we’re off' is the gas fire’s trump...Read More

Biomass Heating

A biomass boiler could save you around six or seven tonnes of CO2 a year, and reduce your annual heating bills What is biomass? Biomass is a type of...Read More

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