AICO Launches new carbon monoxide alarms


Aico Limited has launched a new range of quality, cost-effective Lithium battery powered Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, designed to encourage widespread adoption of this life saving technology.

The new Aico range has been designed with sealed in Lithium batteries, thus largely overcoming the problem of battery removal by the resident. The battery unit is not only tamper proof, but being Lithium (rather than standard AA batteries), cannot be used to replace batteries in other household devices.

The new alarms benefit from the proven CO sensor used across all Aico CO alarms, which is pre-calibrated and tested in CO gas to ensure accuracy. The alarms are a completely new design - smaller, slimmer and sleeker - which is sure to suit all residential environments. The Test button has also been redesigned and is now larger to make testing the alarm easier than ever before, thereby encouraging regular testing by the resident. For installers, the alarm design has added benefits as it features a simple twist on mounting base which offers numerous fixing options for ceiling or wall mounting.

The new alarms come in three versions: standard model, premium model with digital display and RadioLINK Professional model.

All models react to dangerous levels of CO by sounding the alarm and flashing the red alarm light at a rate relevant to the CO level detected. With the digital display model, which features a larger display than ever before, more detailed information and instruction messages are displayed, including CO level, status messages and icons. When lower levels of CO are detected, the alarm will display VENTILATE; when higher levels are present, EVACUATE is displayed to inform the user of the action to take.

Other features of note include a pre alarm light for early warning of CO, a memory feature which enables the user to tell if CO has been detected during a period of absence, a loud distinctive alarm sound to differentiate it from smoke alarms and an end of life indicator.

Aico Product Manager Michael Wright comments on this major product launch: "80% of all UK homes now have a smoke alarm, which has saved countless lives, but the adoption of CO alarms has a long way to go to meet that figure. By introducing quality tamper proof battery powered CO alarms, we hope to expand the market for these life saving devices as now they can be installed by heating and ventilation installers, plumbers, builders etc., as well as electricians. During boiler servicing, for example, nothing could be simpler than installing the new CO alarm, providing added safety for the resident and an extra – and easy - income stream for the installer. We believe this approach will encourage a far wider adoption of CO alarms."

Kitemarked to BS EN 50291: 2010, the new battery powered CO alarms from Aico come complete with a five year guarantee.

All Aico alarms are designed and built in Europe specifically to meet UK standards and regulations.

For more information please go to or contact Aico on 0870 758 4000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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