Garden Design


Student accommodation: Just isn’t...

In London many students are now privileged to have so much more than the old style halls of residence. Staying in the newly designed buildings, which...Read More

Creating a courtyard garden

A courtyard garden is the ultimate urban luxury. Its walls create a private sanctuary, reflect the warmth of the sun and capture the heady scent of summer...Read More

In detaIl: Garden design

David Michell's Meadowview home features a fantastic landscaping scheme. Inspired? With meticulous planning, clever planting and regular maintenance, you...Read More

Low-maintenance gardens

You might be starved for time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive or exciting garden. Here’s how. Lawns, shrubberies and big, blousy...Read More

Building a Garden from Scratch

If your garden is in need of a helping hand, why not call in the experts? With a designer's creative ideas your uninspiring plot could soon be transformed...Read More

How to... create a living wall

They’re shooting up all over the country, but are these verdant facades just a gimmick or a sustainable solution with staying power? Green roofs are a...Read More

Landscaping - Border Control

How would you like to spend next summer? Deadheading and staking, or kicking back with one that takes care of itself? Caring for a herbaceous border is...Read More

Ponds - Life Acquatic

Add interest to your garden with a wildlife pond.We show you how to build one from scratch If your idea of a wildlife pond is a neglected, muddy hole...Read More

Creating a Garden From Scratch

A beautiful garden is easily achieved if you do your research and plan carefully If you haven’t inherited somebody else’s badly planned space, your...Read More


Decking can transform any garden, especially sloping sites One way to increase the size of your empire, apart from buying out your neighbours and razing...Read More


  The choice of patio materials available today is far removed from the obligatory crazy paving from days gone by Function Is your patio primarily...Read More


Finished your grand design but the garden looks like a building site? Here’s how to lay a quick-fix lawn from scratch Whether you want a verdant blanket...Read More

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