Polyx Oil from Osmo UK

Polyx Oil from Osmo UK is a premium wood finish that is guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. Ideal for solid engineered or laminate wood...Read More

Say Goodbye To Wall Plugs With...

With fast moving trends, busy lifestyles and differing tastes all in one household, a home's needs and its design evolves over time. To meet these ever...Read More

Dural Flooring

THE PERFECT FINISH We take a look at the fantastic Performance Movement Joint Profiles from Dural UK Ltd. Flooring Accessories specialist, Dural UK...Read More

Beautiful Light

A run-down warehouse in central London would have many a renovator running for the hills, but Henning Stummel used a blend of restoration and new-build to...Read More

Pushka Knobs

Pushka Knobs offer a unique finishing touch to your household furniture. Their online boutique boasts a stunning range of knobs of various shapes, sizes...Read More

Can you really spray...

We Spray Anything was recently formed through the PHD Group, with over 35 years of spray painting experience in automotive, architectural and commercial,...Read More

Wood-burning stoves

The perfect addition to your living room, a wood-burning stove creates a captivating focal point and brings comfort and warmth to your home Scandinavian...Read More

Blue Revolution

We work closely with specifiers to create bespoke flooring solutions for residential and commercial applications. The Blueridge brand is synonymous with...Read More

Wood Flooring

Naturally beautiful, wood floors are also durable and hard-wearing. Choosing the right one is crucial – this is an investment you'll be living with for a...Read More


Hardwearing, natural, soft underfoot, the right carpet can transform a room – and if you choose the correct fibres for the location, a good carpet will...Read More

Wood flooring

Wood floors are beautiful but tough. Pound, kick, scuff and maltreat them – they really don't mind. Indeed they cheerfully come back for more, good looks...Read More

Colour me beautiful

Our home has not been touched since 1958 and although friends think it looks quaint, living there can be an endurance test. Of course, I have the work all...Read More

Stairs -Size, materials and...

Sizing up and safety Stairs are tightly governed by building regulations as, being a major form of access, they need to be easy to use. Risers must be...Read More

Types of staircase

From spiral to dog leg, there's a whole variety of staircases to suit your home Stairs can have a maximum of 16 steps before a landing is needed,...Read More

Where to start

Every house needs a staircase, but with so many different types available it can be a little confusing The options are to hire a joiner to design and...Read More


  By introducing LEDs to your lighting system, you can save on energy and reduce your bills Lighting accounts for around six per cent of our...Read More

Home Cinema

For movie buffs, a home cinema room is the ultimate in modern technology - and it doesn't have to have to look like a multiplex!   WHAT HOME...Read More

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