Polyx Oil from Osmo UK

Polyx Oil from Osmo UK is a premium wood finish that is guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. Ideal for solid engineered or laminate wood...Read More

Dural Flooring

THE PERFECT FINISH We take a look at the fantastic Performance Movement Joint Profiles from Dural UK Ltd. Flooring Accessories specialist, Dural UK...Read More

Blue Revolution

We work closely with specifiers to create bespoke flooring solutions for residential and commercial applications. The Blueridge brand is synonymous with...Read More

Wood Flooring

Naturally beautiful, wood floors are also durable and hard-wearing. Choosing the right one is crucial – this is an investment you'll be living with for a...Read More


Hardwearing, natural, soft underfoot, the right carpet can transform a room – and if you choose the correct fibres for the location, a good carpet will...Read More

Wood flooring

Wood floors are beautiful but tough. Pound, kick, scuff and maltreat them – they really don't mind. Indeed they cheerfully come back for more, good looks...Read More

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