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For movie buffs, a home cinema room is the ultimate in modern technology - and it doesn't have to have to look like a multiplex!



Unless you have the luxury of a dedicated cinema room, you might not want a projector and screen cluttering up your living room. So why not invest in a projector lift that hides seamlessly into the ceiling and an automotic roll-up screen – both at the touch of a remote control.


It’s worth investing in a dedicated screen as it maximises the light coming from the projector by reflecting more light back to the viewing audience.


The two main types of projector are LCD and DLP (Digital Light Processing) – both have evolved rapidly and the differences between them are now minimal, although LCD ones tend to be cheaper. An HD-ready version is your best bet for wall-sized screens, and for a permanent fixture, secure the projector to the ceiling. For small spaces, an all-in-one model with built-in DVD player and speakers is ideal. It only needs to be 39in away from the wall to give a 78in picture.


You’ll need an A/V receiver and speakers to get the best from your big screen as most projectors come without sound. If you choose high definition, then you’ll need to check your receiver has a HDMI connection. For more on surround-sound speakers visit the Living Rooms section.


Combining your home cinema with a home network system means you can set the mood for a movie all at the touch of a button. See the Install section for more on home networking.


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