By introducing LEDs to your lighting system, you can save on energy and reduce your bills


Lighting accounts for around six per cent of our domestic electricity consumption. So swapping compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) for standard incandescent lamps would slash this by around 75 per cent. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, promise even greater energy savings, and are set to revolutionise lighting in the way that CFLs did before them.

Still got incandescents in your home? Off to the lighting shop, with you! As for LEDs, they’re strong enough to swap for the hungry halogen downlighters, but not for the ceiling pendant.



CFLs save you money on your bill. LEDs cost money (£14.99 for a 30-watt bulb) but last more than five times longer and save even more power.


CFLs are required to use less mercury in their manufacture, which means they don’t last as long (but they’re less likely to poison the planet when disposed). As for LEDs, you’ll have to wait for a bigger punch than 30 watts.


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