Can you really spray anything?.....

We Spray Anything was recently formed through the PHD Group, with over 35 years of spray painting experience in automotive, architectural and commercial, Paul Harris decided to delve deeper into the art, reaching out to a wider range of Individuals and Businesses by making people aware that ANYTHING can be transformed into something new with spray painting.


Take a kitchen for example, the cost to buy a new one is extremely expensive, most people want something original and bespoke but they have to delve deep into their pockets to get what they want. The concept is simple -  recycle and revamp. It is surprising how a simple change of colour can completely transform a kitchen, not just the colour, but also the finish, wood doesn’t have to look like wood, metal doesn’t have to look like metal, in fact wood can look like metal and vice versa. The kitchen is just one example; this concept can work with literally anything.

We Spray Anything launched at the Grand Designs Show, from the minute the show opened its doors the stand was swarming with people. Interest, predominantly came from Architects and Interior Designers who regularly seek out or produce bespoke pieces for their clients, these pieces can be completely transformed, simply through the art of spray painting, making them bespoke and original.


We Spray Anything has painted polystyrene Christmas Baubles for Banana Republic’s window displays.

For more information about We Spray Anything please contact Paul Harris on 01527 877129 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively further information can be found by visiting

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