Water Saving Devices


Installing efficient taps and a water-saving toilet will dramatically reduce your water consumption


If you’re refitting the plumbing, get low-flow taps and water-efficient toilets. You can also get flow restrictors and ‘brakes’ for taps. For toilets, fit devices such as the ‘hippo’, which reduce the amount of water needed to fill the cistern. If you are a small family, consider switching to a water meter: it will instill some discipline into your water use, and even save you money.

All these gizmos are cheap enough, so persevere until you
find one that suits. Some water utilities provide a free ‘hippo’.


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Interflush: www.interflush.co.uk
Peterton: www.peterton.co.uk
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National Energy Foundation: www.nef.org.uk


Words: Dominic Murphy Images: Twyford Bathrooms

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