5 Tips for Making Small Bathrooms Feel Big

When you're limited for space in your bathroom, it can feel impossible to fit everything in, but you can still conjure up elegant, yet functional space.

Bathrooms (even the smallest ones) have the potential to be superb, modern rooms. Some simple design tricks, suitable furniture choices and the right accessories can create your ideal space.

Get rid of the clutter

Toiletries, bottles, children's toys and ornaments all make small spaces feel even smaller. Store all of these things away – out of sight in a cabinet somewhere. It will have an immediate impact. Limit yourself to a few choice things which complement each other, and your bathroom. Place them somewhere visible, but out of the way e.g. a window ledge or on a shelf.

5tips Declutter

Keep the designs to a minimum

The same logic behind de-cluttering your bathroom applies to the designs you should choose to use. A small bathroom is best suited to simple, clean lines, limited designs and contemporary features, so hold yourself back from complicated patterning or art work and go for a simple finish, such as natural stone tiles on the walls and floor.

Let there be light

Light levels probably influence people's perception of space more than anything else. Sunlight reflecting off walls and surfaces creates the impression that a room is bigger than it otherwise seems to be. You can take advantage of that fact by using every opportunity to have big windows or a skylight in your bathroom. But even if natural light isn't able to reach your bathroom, there are ways to use light to show off the space. Once you've got light into the room, you want to let it bounce around as much as possible! Use clear glass shower screens instead of frosted glass or shower curtains. And remember, mirrors are your friend.

2. Create fluid

Take it easy on the colours

The simple fact is that light shades (white, cream etc.) light up small rooms, making them feel bigger. So when you're choosing paint colours or picking out tiles remember: lighter is better! If you honestly cannot do without colour, you can use coloured mosaic tiles to set a colour scheme, and then use colour coordinated things like towels and bottles to tie the room together.

3. Bring in light

Storage is your friend

There's a huge variety of bathroom furniture available which has been designed for extra storage space with smaller bathrooms in mind. Corner basins and units can be ideal ways to increase your storage capacity without intruding too much into your bathroom.
Another tip: Raising your bathroom furniture off the floor creates the illusion of more floor space, so going for wall-mounted basin could be an ideal way to maintain the illusion of a bigger bathroom.
If you're looking for more ways optimise your bathroom space, you'll find loads of inspiration on Victoria Plumb's Love Bathrooms site.



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