Create a classic prohibition the bathroom!

Of all the classic period looks that come in and out of Vogue, the art deco movement of the 1920s has to be one of the most enduring. Recent films and television series, for example The Great Gatsby, have helped in cementing the art deco look as the pinnacle of a timeless style that will never go out of fashion.

Achieving the effect that art deco embodies needn’t be as difficult or complex as some might assume. It is important to go for the right colour combination: for example, soft green and oyster palettes can be combined with striking black and white tiling but it’s essential to remember that you don’t need to be restricted by these. Any combination of bold colours, such as dark blue and white or green and gold work equally as well.

Something which makes art deco so accessible is that it filters into all areas of modern living: everything from cars, planes and trains to interiors and art. This means that despite appearing opulent, the look can be easily replicated. Through incorporating one or two key accessories, a bathroom can be transformed...

Adam Chard, bathroom specialist at Victoria Plumb gives a rundown of top tips to incorporate the style of art deco in the bathroom:

When it comes to fixtures, the angular shapes that characterise art deco are well represented by pedestal sinks and roll top baths. Horizontal lines are also a key feature of this look, so it is a good idea to select a toilet with a longer system in length than average.



Tiles help convey the geometric designs and bold patterns that define this style. However, people must remember that that the entire bathroom does not necessarily need to be re-tiled – it can be more effective to simply address the area around the sink or shower in order catch the eye. A scattering of metallic or shiny mosaic tiles can also work well. If you are looking for a lower cost solution, it is also worth considering painting a check pattern to create a feature wall in the bathroom.


The devil is of course in the detail so when considering taps go for those that have angular or rectangular designs as this helps convey the streamlined look that the art deco style represents.


Don’t forget to accessorise: Although other areas like tiling and fixtures allow for a customised art deco look, using key accessories can really help individualise the bathroom space further. For example, look for mirrors with a bespoke, lavish finish or more simple ones that are angular. Frosted glass and chrome also tie in closely with art deco, so why not choose items such as toothbrush and soap holders as well as towel rails and hooks with these types of finishes.


The 1920s saw an explosion in home building which enabled many people to get onto the property ladder. With this came a concerted focus on making the space their own and art deco was and still is an ideal way to achieve individuality, simply because it so versatile and can be customised to suit.

So, why not take on the art deco challenge and create a stylish and individual space that is functional as well as attractive.


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