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Hoppings - New Thermowood Cladding

Q-Clad Thermowood Cladding is produced to order and available in 4 styles as featured above. Q-Clad Thermowood has Cedar like performance characteristics and comes with many innovative features and benefits, including:

  • Comes with a 20 year warranty against fungal decay and 30 year expected service life, as endorsed by the Building Research Establishment.
  • Some of the profiles termed 'Secret-Fix' are designed to give a fixing free finish/look.
  • Initial dark colouration makes it look similar to tropical hardwood cladding but at a lower price.
  • Sustainably sourced. Q-Clad™ Thermowood cladding is supplied PEFC certified as standard (Please enquire with your Q-Clad™ retailer if PEFC Chain of Custody is required)
  • The most stable cladding of the Q-Clad™ range.
  • Super smooth machined finish.
  • Chemical free and thus can be disposed of as you would any untreated wood

Also worth noting. Q-Clad Thermowood:

  • Is slightly more acidic in nature, and thus is advisable to only use stainless steel fixings to fit it
  • Is free from all resins, and thus resin bleed through paint finishes is eliminated
  • Has a smokey smell initially that dispels with time or as soon as a coating is applied
  • Is not suitable for use where it may be saturated with water or in ground contact
  • Cuts and works well with traditional work working tools. However the heating process makes the wood more brittle meaning fixings shouldn't be secured without first pre-drilling pilot holes especially near the end grain of boards.

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