Makita introduce 18V Cordless Cyclone Vacuum

• Lightweight vac for domestic and light commercial use
• 4Ah battery gives 40 minutes run time
• Double dust collection system

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The new Makita DCL500 is an advanced cordless vacuum cleaner suitable for use in domestic or office environments where there is a clean-up requirement following a visit by the IT installer, TV repair man or the plumber. Powered by an 18volt Lithium-ion battery, from 1.5Ah up to 4Ah, the DCL500 generates a maximum sealed suction of 6.6kPa with a maximum air flow of 1.3 cubic metres per minute. When fitted with a 4Ah battery this vacuum cleaner will run for 40 minutes on the low speed setting and 16 minutes on high.
This technically advanced vacuum uses the cyclone filtration system which employs centrifugal force to separate dust from the air as the first of a two-stage process. The large dust particles are removed at this stage and then the airflow is directed through a HEPA filter with high filtration capacity to clean the air before exhausting from the machine. The large dust particles are collected in the dust cup of the cyclone section and simply removed by pulling the dust cup release lever and pushing the release button.
When running, the maximum noise generated by this useful vacuum is just 64dB. The new Makita DCL500 is very compact, weighs just 3.8kg and has a shoulder strap for comfortable operation making it ideal for cleaning on stairs, or for storage if someone living in a smaller property. A flexible hose connects the vac unit to the extendable wand with the easygrip handle also carrying LED warning lights. These show when the filter needs cleaning and also when the battery capacity needs attention. This vacuum is supplied with a T-nozzle ideal for use on both solid flooring and carpets. The Makita DCL500 cyclone vacuum is available in body-only format for those Makita power tool owners who already have an inventory of Makita Li-ion batteries.
Makita has also introduced the CL104D 10.8v vac which has a built-in 1.5Ah Li-ion battery that recharges when the vac is replaced on the wall mounted charger frame. This lightweight vac has three operating modes and will run for 10 minutes in turbo mode, 15 minutes on high and 30minutes on low speed. In turbo mode it generates a remarkable 20W of power. A cloth dust bag of 500ml, or a paper bag of 330ml, is housed in the easy-to-open, push button front cover.
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About Makita

Makita is a leading world class brand of professional power tools, accessories and work wear known for quality, performance and durability in rigorous industrial use. Operating for over 40 years in the UK, Makita's offices are located in Milton Keynes, Bucks with distribution centres located throughout the U.K. Makita is Britain's number one professional power tool manufacturer offering an extensive inventory of over 500 products and accessories which include cordless drill/drivers, cordless combination drills; percussion drills; angle grinders; jigsaws and sanders, as well as a substantial amount of outdoor power equipment.
Makita's Telford manufacturing facility produces a range of power tools from carefully selected raw materials and with the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world. Makita's Telford facility is a net exporter of professional power tools with 80% if its production going to other Makita operations worldwide. Telford is one of 14 global manufacturing plants, including the newest facility in Romania, which all operate to the same ISO 9000 quality programmes. To ensure that Makita maintains its high quality standards, every machine undergoes testing and inspections throughout the whole manufacturing and assembly processes, including a final run-test under power before leaving the factory, which ensures optimum performance.
Makita (UK) Ltd is a founding member of United Kingdom Power Tool Alliance against Counterfieting (UKPTAAC), a power tool industry alliance set up to fight the growing challenge faced by the industry of unsafe and dangerous imported counterfeit products that are sold outside the normal retail channels putting consumers at risk.
Makita supplies, as well as the construction industry, many of Britain's largest businesses and organisations from the Armed Forces to rescue services, major utilities, manufacturing and service companies.
Makita has also established themselves as a market leader in the innovation of Anti Vibration Technology (AVT), with the launch of a range of heavy-duty products designed to reduce the vibrations often associated with heavy machinery. They are committed to producing the safest power tools, which results in longer and more efficient products, as well as protecting the user from possible long-term effects.
The HQ of the global Makita Corporation is in Aichi, Japan. Manufacturing and distribution is carried out throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.


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