Makita Introduce Tool-Less Blade Change Version Of Popular Multi-Tool


• Lever lock for rapid tool change
• Total oscillation angle 3.2°, 20,000opm
• Ergonomic barrel grip

The latest version of the popular Makita multi-tool, the new DTM51ZJX7, features a tool-less method of installing and removing the many varieties of tools and blades used on this ambidextrous machine. Instead of using an allen key to release the tool holder, the operator simply lifts a lever immediately behind the tool operating head. This releases the lock pressure on the tool holder and the blade can be quickly changed. When the lever is pressed down and fits flush with the machine body the tool is locked into a safe operating position. This simple but very useful device makes blade changing a quicker and more precise operation. It also avoids delays whilst the allen key is retrieved either from the holder on the tool itself, from the box or bench, or from any other location!
The new Makita DTM51ZJX7 runs on the existing 18v Lithium-ion 3Ah and 4Ah batteries, and will take the new 5Ah battery being launched from September, which will generate a maximum 390watt output. This machine is supplied in body-only form for Makita owners who already have a stock of 18v batteries. This multi tool has an oscillation angle of 1.6° to the left and the same to the right giving a total of 3.2° and with a variable speed control dial will run between 6,000 and 20,000 oscillations per minute. This performance from a cordless machine is higher than many mains products.
The Soft Start function ensures that the motor gradually increases speed even if the control is fully pressed. This prevents the substantial torque available from twisting the tool in the operator's hand. Further safety is provided by the Anti-restart function that requires the machine to be fully switched off by the operator before it can be started again if the blade has snagged and the safety cut out has triggered.
Weighing just 2.2kg, and with the ergonomically slim barrel design grip, the Makita DTM51ZJX7 is a well balanced tool which encourages accurate operation in confined spaces. This is a main attribute of a multi-tool, coupled with the many blade and tool variants available to fit the OIS tool holder system. Blades can be fitted at any of the 12 angle positions around the full 360°. This multi-tool is supplied in a MakPac case complete with saw blade and abrasive pad and papers.
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Notes to editors:
About Makita
Makita is a leading world class brand of professional power tools, accessories and work wear known for quality, performance and durability in rigorous industrial use. Operating for over 40 years in the UK, Makita's offices are located in Milton Keynes, Bucks with distribution centres located throughout the U.K. Makita is Britain's number one professional power tool manufacturer offering an extensive inventory of over 500 products and accessories which include cordless drill/drivers, cordless combination drills; percussion drills; angle grinders; jigsaws and sanders, as well as a substantial amount of outdoor power equipment.

Makita's Telford manufacturing facility produces a range of power tools from carefully selected raw materials and with the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world. Makita's Telford facility is a net exporter of professional power tools with 80% of its production going to other Makita operations worldwide. Telford is one of 14 global manufacturing plants, including the newest facility in Romania, which all operate to the same ISO 9000 quality programmes. To ensure that Makita maintains its high quality standards, every machine undergoes testing and inspections throughout the whole manufacturing and assembly processes, including a final run-test under power before leaving the factory, which ensures optimum performance.

Makita (UK) Ltd is a founding member of United Kingdom Power Tool Alliance against Counterfieting (UKPTAAC), a power tool industry alliance set up to fight the growing challenge faced by the industry of unsafe and dangerous imported counterfeit products that are sold outside the normal retail channels putting consumers at risk.

Makita supplies, as well as the construction industry, many of Britain's largest businesses and organisations from the Armed Forces to rescue services, major utilities, manufacturing and service companies.

Makita has also established themselves as a market leader in the innovation of Anti Vibration Technology (AVT), with the launch of a range of heavy-duty products designed to reduce the vibrations often associated with heavy machinery. They are committed to producing the safest power tools, which results in longer and more efficient products, as well as protecting the user from possible long-term effects.

The HQ of the global Makita Corporation is in Aichi, Japan. Manufacturing and distribution is carried out throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.


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