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Bi-fold doors and other large glass openings are very much in vogue at the moment and are a great way to open up your home to the outdoors. However, covering large openings presents a number of design challenges. For example, having a large expanse of glass is great during the day when you can look out and admire your garden but once night falls, the big, dark space can be intimidating, particularly in rural locations where there is little light from neighbouring buildings. Large openings can also cause rooms to heat up very quickly during the summer months and the UV rays can cause fabrics and soft furnishings to fade.

So the challenge is to retain the open, airy feeling that big glass offers whilst keeping your home cool, protecting against UV rays and creating a comfortable, cosy feel when it gets dark. Phantom's Executive motorised, retractable screens are specifically designed for large openings and bi-fold doors up to 7m across and up to 4.8m high, and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

The screens are perfect for solar shading, insect protection, privacy screening and blackout as well as a range of other applications and all at the touch of button. With big glass, most customers opt for our solar shading fabrics, which provide up to 80% UV block and are available in a range of colours to match your décor. Solar shading fabrics significantly reduce heat build-up and glare as well as providing ventilation, insect protection and increased privacy. This makes them perfect for big bi-fold doors as they let only the best of the outdoors into your home during the day and soften that large expanse of glass at night.

Our insect meshes are also very popular for bi-fold doors as they block up to 55% of UV rays whilst retaining that beautiful view that inspired you to install bi-fold doors in the first place. Our insect meshes, available in standard or anti-midge, allow fresh air to circulate so you can cool your interior whilst keeping insects at bay. The Executive can also be fitted with blackout fabrics which provide 100% UV block and are perfect for bedrooms or TV rooms where you want to keep the light out during the day.

Executive screens can be finished in any RAL colour in gloss, semi-gloss or matt to complement your interior and we also offer a range of wood grain finishes for a more traditional feel. Screens can be fitted internally or externally to suit the level of heat protection required and mounted to either the surface, the reveal or recessed into the wall cavity. The roller design means that the performance fabrics retract into the housing when not in use, making the Executive one of the most discreet screening systems available on the market.

As well as choosing the design of the screen, you can also specify exactly how you want it to function. The screens come with remote controls as standard but you can also choose to install wall mounted controls or link the screens directly to your home automation system. Executive screens can also be fitted with sun and wind sensors which automatically raise of lower the screens depending on the weather conditions.

So for a more tailored approach to covering large openings, please contact Phantom Screens on 01778 560070 or visit


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